The red trend

red sweater 2


Hello friends!

So red may not actually be a fashion trend at the moment but it does seem to be a trend in my life. As the months move forward toward the summer I find myself more and more drawn to this lovely shade. Maybe it’s the fact that I am almost done with school, something that both excites me and terrifies me in equal proportions of madness. I don’t know what it is, but it’s such a beautiful, vibrant color that reminds me of love and being alive. I find it inspires me and pushes me right now, and I really need the shove forward. I think we always have to find small ways to carry through these times of change, or hard times or anything we’re going through in life.

Bogota is always very cold and so this red sweater worked perfectly with this light blazer to achieve maximum warmth. I liked how the blazer is shorter than the sweater because it feels unexpected. Shapes and lengths are something we can play with in our closets to make the things we wear feel different and fresh. My red sweater is a little long and the blazer hits at the hip bone. I added the boots because it’s raining a lot here. Overall I stayed toasty warm and it was a fun outfit. I think we should all challenge ourselves to try and play with the shapes and lengths of our clothes to see the effect they have and how fun it can be!

I’m wearing Forever 21 sweater and blazer, Steve Madden boots and American Eagle Outfitters jeans.

To days to come, all my love to long ago!


red sweater 3

red sweater 5

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