In memoriam of the bow tie


raggedy man


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Hello friends!

Yesterday was a lovely family day. It was also the day the BBC ripped my heart out and then gave me a new one. For those of you who don’t know. I am a huge Doctor Who fan. I love every Doctor and every companion. The show has been a source of inspiration and hope for many years, some really tough ones as well. Yesterday was Matt Smith’s adieu and, as expected, it was heart warming, heart wrenching, heart destroying and filled with funny moments all around. I believe Moffat did an AMAZING job at tying loose ends and I really love that style of writing where some things are left unsaid and then explained at the very end. That’s my way of storytelling. Matt Smith is an amazing actor and an even more incredible person. He is kind to all the fans, genuinely loves the madness and fangirling and, for my part, he has a fan for life. He had some of the most compelling Doctor moments and I will miss him sorely. In his memory, in this final adieu, I wanted to share some of my favorite moments.


the power of three

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the almost people


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the rings of Akhaten


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Closing time“Hello, Stormageddon. It’s The Doctor, here to help. Be quiet. Go to sleep. No, really. Stop crying. You’ve got a lot to look forward to, you know. A normal human life on Earth. Mortgage repayments, the 9 to 5, a persistent nagging sense of spiritual emptiness. Save the tears for later, boyo. Oh, that was crabby. No, that was old. But I am old, Stormy. I am so old. So near the end. But you, Alfie Owens. You are so young, aren’t you? And you know, right now, everything’s ahead of you. You could be anything. Yes, I know. You could walk among the stars. They don’t actually look like that, you know — they are rather more impressive. [uses his sonic screwdriver to make a starry sky appear on the ceiling] Yeah! You know, when I was little like you, I dreamt of the stars. I think it’s fair to say, in the language of your age, that I lived my dream. I owned the stage. Gave it a hundred and ten percent. I hope you have as much fun as I did, Alfie.”
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vincent and the doctor

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“I will not forget one line of this. Not one day. I will always remember when the Doctor was me”

And so will we. We will always remember the Madman with a box who gave us hope that there is a whole universe out there and that truly anything can happen. We will always remember the drunk giraffe, and that hope can be found anywhere, even in hopeless situations. We will always remember how kind Matt was to all of us fans, and how kind he well surely continue being. Bow ties have never been cooler, and probably never will be again.

All that sadness though, I’m excited for Capaldi and this is the very nature of the show. As The Doctor, very brilliantly, put it: times change and so must we. That’s okay, and we will always remember who the Doctor was (From the beginning to the next one) and continues to be. The show has been and will continue to be one of the best things in television out there, and one of the greatest things in my life.

Finally, and to quote Karen Gillan: “A job well done, Mr. Smith.”

To days to come, all my love to long ago, Eleventh Doctor”



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